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Paideia Preschool
  • Whole-child education - Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit

    Paideia Preschools provide a “whole-child” educational experience – body, mind, heart,spirit.  We are committed to preparing your little scholar in a holistic way for Kindergarten and beyond! We follow the nationally acclaimed Core Knowledge Sequence of instruction. This is the same curriculum sequence followed by Paideia Academies as well as many top charter and district schools across the country. Your little scholar will be well prepared to enter Paideia Academy!
  • Rigorous Curriculum &Play and Exploration

    At Paideia Preschools we combine a rigorous “whole-child” curriculum with ample play and exploration to promote healthy development and learning – body, mind, heart, spirit. Our whole-child program is complete with physical, academic, emotional and social, and character development with exposure to music and arts.  Our little scholars graduate from the Paideia Preschool well prepared in every way to enter Paideia Academy’s rigorous Kindergarten program.
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